Membrane structure design

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一、In addition to considering the most basic appearance, the design of the membrane structure should also be based on the nature and grade of the building, its useful life, function, structure span, regional climate conditions, and the durability of the membrane material.
二、The design of membrane structure should be based on load, support conditions, construction conditions and other special conditions. 

三、The design of the membrane structure includes shape design, load analysis, cutting design, accessory design, and support structure design.

四、the film can only withstand tensile force, does not withstand the pressure and bending moment.

五、In the integrated design of the membrane structure, the relaxation and aging of the membrane material after a long time should be considered.

六、the membrane structure design also takes into account the impact of the replacement membrane on the overall structure.

七、When the membrane structure is designed, it must be taken into account that the membrane structure is destroyed and the supporting structure should maintain its original strength, rigidity and stability.

Membrane structure needs to be considered in the design phase:

1、the size of the pre-tension and tension method;

2、consider the tensile strength of the membrane surface to avoid accumulation of water (snow);

3、the average distribution of the key nodes of the overall structure to avoid stress concentration;

4、consider the transport and installation of membrane materials; 

5、durability and fire resistance;

6、the impact of climate on the membrane material;

Problems to be considered in the membrane structure design stage:

1、to ensure that the film surface has enough curvature to obtain greater stiffness and aesthetic effects;

2、improve and refine the support structure, get enough space and lightweight shape;

3、simplify the connection point of the support structure, reduce the amount of construction.

The membrane structure involves:

Cultural facilities - exhibition centers, theaters, conference halls, museums, botanical gardens, aquariums, etc.

Sports facilities - stadiums, gymnasiums, fitness centers, swimming pools, tennis halls, basketball halls, etc.

Commercial facilities - shopping malls, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, shops (provocative), commercial street

Transportation facilities - airports, railway stations, bus stations, toll stations, docks, gas stations, bridges, etc.

Industrial facilities - factories, warehouses, research centers, processing centers, greenhouses, logistics centers, etc.

Landscape facilities - building entrance, iconic skies, pedestrian street, parking lot, etc.
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