Tension membrane structure introduction

Tensile membrane structure is based on the tensile stress of the membrane itself and the support rod together constitute the body system.

Tensile film structure carport is a kind of spatial structure form that the high-strength membrane material and steel frame structure make a certain pre-tension stress to form a spatial structure through a certain way, and can bear a certain external load.

The membrane structure is mainly used in stadium buildings, shopping malls, exhibition centers, transportation service facilities and other large-span buildings.

The service life of architectural membranes is more than 25 years. During use, the mechanical morphology of materials can be kept stable under the effect of snow or wind loads.

The surface of the film is smooth and elastic, and particles of dust and chemical substances in the atmosphere are extremely difficult to adhere to and penetrate. After being washed by rainwater, the architectural film can restore its original clean surface layer and light transmission.
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