D Series Canopy

The traditional non-calibration commission and and metal welding awning is time consuming, laborious and difficult to install. Now our products adopt mechanized production to make elegant appearance achieve easy installation. The quality of product is well guaranteed.

High strength
In the country's only civil engineering disaster prevention key laboratory - Tongji University civil engineering disaster prevention laboratory, our awning successfully passed the 12 strong typhoon from the maximum wind surface impact test.

Impact resistance
Sheet impact strength is 250 times the ordinary glass, it can effectively prevent ground pedestrian or property from the damage of falling objects.

Anti-aging performance
Ordinary awning’s material is poor and the useful life is very limited. Our sheet can maintain stability in the -40 ° C-120 ° C range and the surface of the board is with anti UV coating. The useful life is 15 years.

Flame retardant performance
PC board’s flame retardant property is B1 level. The combustion will not produce toxic gases. After leaving the fire source it can be automatically extinguished.

Ultra-quiet performance
When the ordinary awning in the rain it makes so big noise that you can not sleep at night, especially the elderly and children's family. The perfect arch design and smooth UV coating surface of our awning can significantly reduce noise. Rain goes along the Arch surface and rinse dust on the surface to achieve the effect of self-cleaning.

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