Portable Car Umbrella

The new original automatic folding structure, precise power system, remote control to start a key, easy to operate elegant, easy to use, 30 seconds to complete all the installation.

After the length of about 85cm away, weight 6KG, you can easily into the car trunk. Expanded size can reach 4000mmX2000mm, covering an area of ?? large can effectively prevent the leaves, dust, guano and acid rain on the car damage.

Summer noon exposure to the environment under the measured temperature difference of 30 degrees or more.

Selling point:
1. Main function is heat insulation for the car during the hot season, lowering interior temperature to 30-40℃ for the car when parking outside
2. The big surface can protect car from dust,acid rain,bird dropping,deciduous etc
3. Multiple Use: waiting for people in the car, parking outside, have a snap during business trip, family outing.
4. Additional function: Use as beach tent or sunshade on the beach, seashore, balcony, and yard.
5. Can be used as ads with printing on the tarp.
6. For now we only have automatic and manual car umbrella; new products will be 2-in-1, can be operated by remote controller and manually.

Wind Resistance
1. Double windproof design prevent the car umbrella to be damaged in heavy windy weather.
2. Vacuum suction cup can undertake 50kgs force
3. Windproof rope hang on the reviewer mirror, windproof hook on the handle, adjust the length of rope to appropriate position, to keep the balance of four corners and fix the umbrella.
4. The Half fixed connection between tarp and the skeleton prevent the skeleton from damage, when the wind force reaches level 5, buttons will release automatically, tent and skeleton separated.

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